Rejuvenating face serum: mandatory in cosmetic bag

Tired of looking for a rejuvenating product that usually wastes money and doesn't work? Then it’s time to get acquainted with an effective anti-aging serum! What kind of composition is it, how does it differ, how to choose correctly, and a lot of other interesting information that you read here.

Understanding whey

effective serum for facial rejuvenation

The amount of active ingredients in the serum is doubled compared to the cream.

A concentrated product or energy cocktail with high levels of liquid biologically active substances is called serum or "serum". It doubles the amount of active ingredients compared to the cream. The most important feature of the product is the unique formula of the preparation, which is almost completely absorbed by the skin cells.

Thanks to this action, anti-aging serums have an immediate effect on the transformation of the facial skin.

You can start using it from the age of 25, as they produce different types of serums designed to meet the needs of the skin of all ages.

What's the difference

Many people don’t understand how serum differs from a standard cream or other cosmetic product, considering it another marketing ploy or trick of cunning manufacturers who have decided to bring an unknown novelty to market by increasing soybean sales. In fact, there are indeed differences. These are:

  • sera are the most concentrated emulsions saturated with various rejuvenating bioactive components;
  • their consistency is created in such a way that the active ingredients penetrate quickly and deeply into the structure of the skin, gradually releasing and fulfilling the task;
  • in their composition the amount of preservatives is much lower, in contrast to creams;
  • you will see positive changes in your skin after the first application of the product;
  • Consumption of such a product is minimal as it should be taken in a few drops;
  • the composition is enriched not only with vitamins and minerals, but also with active acids, which trigger the process of rejuvenation in the cells.

What they are capable of

These products are not chosen according to the type of epidermis, but depending on the existing skin problems to be solved.

Anti-aging sera are capable of:

  • significantly rejuvenates the epidermis, improving its quality and appearance;
  • visibly tightens aging and sagging skin that has lost its elasticity;
  • smoothes small and medium-sized wrinkles, aging wrinkles due to the high concentration of active ingredients;
  • get rid of pigmentation and whiten the skin surface;
  • extinguishes inflammatory reactions;
  • to strengthen small blood vessels and capillaries;
  • eliminates dryness and tightness;
  • to increase the tone and local immunity of the epidermis.

General recommendations

how sera work for facial rejuvenation

Beauticians advise you to accept the following tips:

  • Choose a product based on your skin problems that need to be corrected. Incorrect selection of serum by epidermal type, ignoring its defects;
  • Many manufacturers indicate the age on the packaging, which is easier to navigate when shopping;
  • Due to the high concentration of the active substances, these preparations can cause allergic reactions and therefore require a preliminary examination of the skin around the wrist;
  • the purchase will be useful if you make it after consulting a beautician or dermatologist;
  • carefully study the composition of the product, depending on the season, ie lighter formulations are preferred in warm seasons and denser formulations in cold periods;
  • Apply the emulsion in a minimal amount (drop by drop) and only after thorough cleansing of the skin surface. After 20 minutes, a thin layer of daily care cream can be applied to the skin.

Anti-aging serums can be used in the morning and evening as they have no time limit for application.

Serum should be applied to previously cleansed skin.

How to use it correctly

The serum is applied only to previously cleansed facial skin, taking into account the direction of the main massage lines, both morning and evening. In the morning, such cleansing can be replaced by rubbing the skin with tonic, and in the evening you should spend more time completely removing makeup and impurities that have accumulated during the day.

Serum applied immediately after exfoliation has the maximum effect by depriving the epidermis of the dead corneum layer that keeps some of the product on the surface.

Read the following application rules:

  • Rub the serum with light massage movements, starting from the middle of the frontal zone, gradually moving into the temporal region, then treat the area of ​​the face from the middle to the auricles, then the nose, chin and neck.
  • Beauticians recommend using cosmetic lines from the same manufacturer, as they most often complement, enrich each other, and contribute to a more pronounced anti-aging effect.
  • It is recommended to use this treatment on a course that requires daily use for 3 months, after which there should be a break or a change of manufacturer.
  • Do not exceed the dose so that the skin is not oversaturated with active substances that can cause allergic reactions. Each bottle of such serum is specially equipped with a dispenser or pipette to ensure that the required amount of product (approximately 3-4 drops) is withdrawn.
  • Always read the package leaflet carefully before use, as some manufacturers recommend that you rub the product carefully into the epidermis.
  • If you are using serum and cream, be sure to take a break between the two products, which lasts an average of about 5-10 minutes.
  • Such rejuvenating serum should not be used twice a day. A maximum of 4 treatments can be used during the year, with a mandatory break between which to rest the skin and not get used to the same composition.
  • It is permissible to use several active sera at the same time, but these must be applied to different parts of the face. This is best after consultation and consultation with your beautician.


All cosmetic products must strictly follow all the manufacturer's instructions, therefore:

  • a serum for young epidermis is not suitable for aging skin;
  • only regular use provides a lasting anti-aging effect;
  • The use of such sera in the presence of papillomas and vascular network is not recommended as they receive the maximum amount of active nutrients that stimulate their further growth and size;
  • if you have dark skin and do not want to change color, it is best not to use serum as it has a whitening effect;
  • sera designed to improve and restore oval and facial contours are not recommended for use before the age of 35 years.

Evaluation of the best anti-aging sera

For those who want to choose a really good quality anti-aging serum, we present the following popularity class:

  1. anti-stress serumprovides fresh, radiant and relaxed skin since first application. It contains valuable amino acids, echium, vegetable oil, which immediately tone and relieve everyday stress. The medicine is packaged in separate ampoules, each designed for 1 use. The entire application takes approx. Three weeks. This serum is not recommended for owners of sensitive types of epidermis as it may cause irritation.
  2. Due to its light, gel-like texture,
  3. concentrateis ​​extremely popular, it is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces and with a sticky feeling on the skin. After application, the skin will be firm, radiant and velvety. Fine wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin is visibly tightened.
  4. Rejuvenating Serumis ​​recommended for all skin types, but is ideal for oily and combination epidermis. The drug also actively smoothes out pronounced wrinkles and is consumed very economically as 1 application literally requires 2-3 drops.